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​Pasture Summit events and activities are organised and run by farmers, for farmers to bring together a positive community of farmers, securing the future of pastoral dairy food production and vibrant, sustainable farming communities. Pasture Summit is a not-for-profit group established in 2017 by a group of progressive, grazing-based farm business owners and dairy sector experts from across New Zealand and Ireland. It is supported by dairy industry research and extension leader DairyNZ.

About us

"Simple, robust and profitable systems are as important as ever to keep farm businesses growing into the future."

Robert is the GM of Piriaka Farms and is involved with a family dairy business in the King Country.

Chairperson and Director

Robert Ferris

“We must use pasture to improve our environmental footprint. This will demand leading edge science and research.”

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Colin holds a Commerce Degree in Farm Management and a post-graduate Diploma in Accountancy and Corporate Finance from Lincoln University. Colin is the Chief Executive of Dairy Holdings Ltd and has been involved in the New Zealand dairy industry all his life and the Australian dairy industry for the period from 1997 to 2008. Colin is married to Paula and they have two daughters. In addition to his involvement with Dairy Holdings Ltd, Colin is a DairyNZ Director, a Director of a number of irrigation and agribusiness companies and has his own farming interests in Mid-Canterbury.

Treasurer and Director

Colin Glass

“I’m a firm believer that farming should be enjoyable and rewarding, and should grow the technical, financial and leadership capability of those engaged in it.”


Dairy farming at Darfield since 2003 with wife Sharon, along with four daughters and far too many horses. Sharemilking prior to 2003, preceded by ten years in dairy extension in NZ and Ireland. Strong advocate of robust science and analysis and of simple farm systems that are both repeatable and highly profitable.

Secretary and Director

Alistair Rayne

Olin Greenan (NI Dairy Farmer)

Daniel Woolsey (SI Dairy Farmer)

Olin Greenan (NI Dairy Farmer)

Daniel Woolsey (SI Dairy Farmer)

Other Directors

Committee Members

Donald & Maree Anderson (NI Dairy Farmers)

Scott Armer (NI Dairy Farmer)

Brett Bradshaw (NI Dairy Farmer)

Danny Donaghy (Massey University)

Dan and Leisha Gent (NI Dairy Farmers)

Will Grayling  (SI Dairy Farmer)

Will Green (SI Dairy Farmer)

John Gregan (SI Dairy Farmer)

Stephanie Gudgeon (NI Dairy Farmer)
Leonie Guiney (SI Dairy Farmer)
Cameron Henderson (SI Dairy Farmer)
Murray King (SI Dairy Farmer and LIC)
Michael Murphy (Irish Dairy Farmer)
Andrew Myers (NI Dairy Farmer)
Greg Roadley (SI Dairy Farmer)
John Roche (MPI)

Lynaire Ryan (Agribusiness Education)
Brett Steeghs (NI Dairy Farmer)
Corrigan Sowman (SI Dairy Farmer & LIC)
Gaynor Tierney (NI Dairy Farmer)
Jim Van Der Poel (NI Dairy Farmer & DairyNZ Chair)
George Whitelock (NI Dairy Farmer)
Anne Bird (Event organiser)

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