video footage from PAsture Summit 2018 – South Island Event

DAY 1 – Welcome & opening address

Colin Armer, Conference Chairman & Julia Jones, MC

DAY 1 – SESSION A: Opportunities & Challenges

Michael Murphy, Irish Dairy Farming Leader (chaired by Colin Armer)

DAY 1 – SESSION B: Real data on the NZ dairy farm financial situation

Introduction (Colin Glass, Dairy Holdings Ltd)

Speaker: Susan Kilsby, ANZ

Speaker: Mark Grenside, ANZ

Questions and discussion chaired by Colin Glass

DAY 1 – SESSION C: Sustainable dairy farm businesses driven by high pasture utilisation and profitability – a farmer’s perspective

Introduction (Murray King, LIC)

Speaker: Greg Roadley, Dairy Farmer

Speaker: Leonie Guiney, Dairy Farmer

Questions and discussion chaired by Murray King

DAY 1 – SESSION D: Resilient pasture based dairy farm production systems – the research perspective

Introduction (Paul Bird, DairyNZ)

Speaker: Brendan Horan, Teagasc

Speaker: John Roche, Down to Earth Advice

Questions and discussion chaired by Paul Bird

DAY 1 – SESSION F: The Connection with the Consumer

Introduction (Mike Magan, Irish Dairy Farmer & Chairman of Animal Health Ireland)

Speaker: Jeremy Hill, Fonterra

Speaker: Tim Hunt, Rabobank

Questions and discussion chaired by Mike Magan

DAY 1 – SESSION E: Equity growth focused young farmer presents his experience

Speaker: Will Grayling, Dairy Farmer      Chair: Trevor Gee, DairyNZ

DAY 1: Speaker Panel Discussion


All Speakers – Chaired by Julia Jones, KPMG

DAY 1 – Wrap up and final words


Speaker: Colin Glass, Dairy Holdings Ltd

DAY 2 – WORKSHOP 1: The NZ foundation dairy farm system – this is it!

Introduction (Paul Bird, DairyNZ)

Speaker: Laurence Shalloo, Teagasc

Speaker: Mark Neal, DairyNZ

DAY 2 – WORKSHOP 2: The grazing cow of 2030. What will she need to do and what do we need to do to help her achieve it?

Introduction (Malcolm Ellis, LIC)

Speaker: Donagh Berry, Teagasc

Speaker: Jeremy Bryant, DairyNZ

Questions and discussion chaired by Malcolm Ellis