PASTURE SUMMIT VIDeoCAST – Financial planning & budgeting

Kindly sponsored by Rabobank & ANZ and supported by DairyNZ
(Hyperlinks have been included at the bottom of this page with contact information & valuable resources provided by our sponsors)

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Thanks to our Pasture Summit farmers, Olin Greenan, Robert Ferris & Daniel Woolsey
and to Mark Neal & Paul Bird from DairyNZ for supporting the videocast.

We would also like to thank our banking sponsors, ANZ & Rabobank for their generous support and
appreciate the valuable insights provided by Mark Grenside of ANZ and Hamish Midgley of Rabobank as part of the videocast. 

Please see below for links to contact information and valuable resources provided by Rabobank, ANZ & DairyNZ.


Budget templates and videos to help you get started

Dairy Training Ltd run an excellent budgeting course

Dairy Connect links farmers with various skills sets to farmers needing advice

Ensure you have good advice and support

Your local DairyNZ Consulting Officer can also provide advice and direction